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Dating Advice, Seduction Advice & Self-Improvement For Men

Learning the skills of dating, seduction, & pickup...
is a journey worth taking.

Since embarking on the path to improve my pickup skills, dating skills and seduction I have improved my self-confidence immeasurably.
I have improved my ability to stand up to the world.

I am no longer the guy who gets easily blown out when I'm talking to a girl and another guy comes up to hit on her. I used to not know what to do, how to handle other guys when we were competing for the same girl. I didn't know how to handle myself. Sometimes I would mope; sometimes I would fold and walk away. I remember several times in college, when one of my friends was my competition, trying to horn in on the attractive girl, and I would often settle for her less attractive friend, "taking one for the team" AKA "jumping on the grenade".

Now I know how to handle the other guys, the male competition. And it has much more to do with social intelligence & skills that can be learned than it does with physical prowess.
When I started out on this journey, I wanted to learn if there really were behaviors and attitudes that would increase my ability to attract women. I wanted to know if there really existed specific, learnable techniques and skills that were more effective than others in seducing the hearts, minds and bodies of women. Could I create attraction? Better yet, could I create so much attraction that it turned into lust? Like the alchemists of ages past attempting to turn copper into gold, so I wanted to turn my interactions with women, especially beautiful women, into attraction, lust, sex and eventually, potentially longer relationships. Although alchemists failed, social artists are succeeding.

A lot of men begin the study of seduction to figure out what they should be doing to get laid more often and get laid by hotter women. A lot of men are just hoping to be able to get an attractive girlfriend, a beautiful woman to spend some time with. Some men, typically further along in life, want to attract and marry the kind of woman they would be proud to call their wife. And others are trying to get back into the "GAME" after just getting out of a disappointing relationship, maybe marriage, which may have failed in part because the men didn't yet know how to "be the man his woman really wants", or they came from a mindset of scarcity, not believing they had many options, and therefore put a ring on one of the first women (NOT necessarily one of the BEST women) who showed some interest in them and/or who slept with them. (Unfortunately for many men, "settling down" usually entails "settling"...)

Understanding how to get women to have sex is certainly what most men expect when the begin to study seduction. However, as good men who have studied seduction can tell you, the study of seduction teaches men a lot more than simply how to get a woman to have sex.

When a man begins to walk down the seduction path, important side benefits begin to accrue and be internalized along the way. Foremost among these, a man learns how to be a man. He learns how to stand up for himself. He realizes he is capable of standing up for causes he believes in. He develops self-esteem & confidence, and improves his self-respect, which is key to being respected by others. He learns about social dynamics; the social value individuals carry; how his own social value relative to other people's impacts the treatment he receives, and what he can do to improve his social value and how the world treats him. He overcomes his fear of women, specifically, and of social interactions, generally. He can now approach attractive women and anyone else as needed or desired. He understands he does not need to buy attention or sex from women, with drinks, gifts, flowers, dinner, etc.; but that he must become a "whole man".

A man starts learning seduction so he can get laid more, so that he can have a more beautiful woman than he used to think possible, and the art and science of seduction will enable him to do those things, but also enable him to do much more.

He will come to realize that playful teasing and humor are not only effective in attracting women in bars, clubs and supermarkets, but also in dealing effectively with other relationships, with co-workers, supervisors, subordinates, family, friends, acquaintances and strangers.
Start Your Journey Now where I started the most important part of mine with: The DOUBLE YOUR DATING eBook & free newsletter.


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Quick News

A few weeks ago, I met the founder of AskRomeo.com at a business seminar, and subsequently got to attend a boot camp with both classroom & infield training. I consider myself an expert in the social arts... but I still got some powerful revelations & education. Founder Jae Ellis is a master, both in social dynamics & coaching (a lethal combination)... and his instructors Kyle & Johnny are pretty damn good too.

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For you guys and girls interested in "inner game", improving your life way beyond just better success with the opposite sex, check out my friend's site on personal growth, evolution and excellence. Lyric, the founder of TakeGiantSteps.com -- who I had the good fortune to meet before his business was launched -- "gets it" (the secrets to life) on a fundamental level and wants to help you evolve & excel.

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