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First Books

Double Your Dating Ebook by David DeAngelo

Double Your Dating, by David DeAngelo. The first book a lot of men read on seduction & attraction. Beginning to intermediate level, including Cocky & Funny (with a section on How to Be Funny), some online tips to improve your success immediately, and much more.

With the DYD E-book, receive FREE 3 of David's "Interviews with Dating Gurus" on approximately 5 CDs + 3 other bonuses.

Neil Strauss's The Game The Game, by Neil Strauss, aka Style, chosen as the top pickup artist 3 years in a row by Thundercat's Seduction Lair. The Game, chronicles Style's learnings & adventures in the seduction community, as he imroves himelf from a nerd with little romantic success into a pickup guru able to seduce & date beautiful women and sought out by other men seeking dating advice. Very good read to get an idea of WHAT IS POSSIBLE when you are willing to enhance your social skills. Contains some excellent HOW-TO. Also, a great peek into the inner workings and personalities in the seduction community. Intermediate to expert level.

Thundercat's ART OF APPROACHING WOMEN Thundercat's ART OF APPROACHING teaches how to get past the biggest initial hurdle for many men -- the initial approach. The cold-approach opener is obviously necessary before any interaction can develop, let alone a date or relationship. Includes several audio, video & written bonuses. Beginning to intermediate level.


A step-by-step guide on how to seduce any woman!
Recently released... The VENUSIAN ARTS HANDBOOK. By Mystery,
called the greatest pickup artist in the world in a New York Times article.

Swinggcat's REAL WORLD'S SEDUCTION. Swinggcat specializes
in push-pull and getting women not only attracted, but addicted to
you. Powerful stuff.

Online Dating

Insider Internet Dating by Dave M. Insider Internet Dating by Dave M, who reveals his secrets of success in online dating. He has been featured as a "Dating Guru" on David DeAngelo's Monthly Interview Series and spent over 4 years conducting methodical research and tracking results to figure out step-by-step how ANY GUY CAN IMMEDIATELY IMPROVE his online dating success.
Dave M. is uniquely qualified to teach the secrets of Internet Dating, having average nearly 100 dates per year (2 per week!) for the past 4 years, all from online; including dates with playboy playmates, NBA cheerleaders, strippers, a miss hawaiian tropic, swimsuit models. Beginning to intermediate level.


How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed Ross Jeffries's How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed

Body Language by Julius Fast Body Language, by Julius Fast

How to Pickup Girls, 2002 Edition, by Eric Weber How to Pickup Girls, 2002 Edition, by Eric Weber. Revised & updated from the ORIGINAL. (See immediately below for previous editions.)
Fairly basic as the original was written long before the seduction community and advanced body of knowledge formed.

How to Pickup Girls, 1980 Edition, by Eric Weber

How to Pickup Girls, 1980 Edition, by Eric Weber. The ORIGINAL book on pickup. (Available used.)
1977 Edition very limited availabity used. 1979 Hardcover Edition (Available used.) 1993 Audio Cassette (not currently available)
Other Books by Eric Weber


Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion , by Robert Cialdini Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, by professor Robert Cialdini. An eessential book for understanding the psychological foundations of human behavior.

The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene The Art of Seduction, by Robert Greene. An important text on seduction, "this book continues Greene's gross exploration of social power", says the Library Journal.

Useful Skills

Comedy Writing Secrets by Melvin Helitzer Comedy Writing Secrets, 2nd Edition: Helitzer reveals techniques behind successful, effective humor. Learn the science of comedy, how & why it works. (The Best-Selling Book on How to Think Funny, Write Funny, Act Funny, And Get Paid For It.)



Most of the dating E-books above have free newsletters associated with them, which you can learn a lot from. Click the above Double Your Dating, Art of Approaching or Insider Internet Dating links & you will see a screen to sign up.

Dating Humor & Sex Humor - Funny Movies, Writings, Etc.

Animated Movie -- How to Make Love to a Woman How to Make Love to a Woman. Disturbing but funny, this short, animated film by Bill Plympton pokes fun at the mating & dating game. WARNING -- some cartoon nudity & mature content. By the creator of the even more disturbing & less funny HOW TO KISS.