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Dating Classes and Topics

  • Steps to a Successful Seduction
    • How to Approach, Open & Talk to Girls.
      • How to Get Girls to Approach You

    • How to Attract Women. Learn to Create Attraction.
    • How to Connect Emotionally with the Girl. How to Make Her Feel Comfortable with You.
    • How to Connect Physically with a Woman.
      • How & When to Kiss a Woman.
      • How to Touch a Woman.
      • Why & How to Isolate Her
      • How to get her to want to sleep with you

    • Satisfy Her Sexually. Rock Her World in Bed.

  • Big Picture Concepts
    • Understanding Women
    • Understanding Dating, Pickup & Seduction
    • Social Dynamics
    • Inner Game Vs. Outer Game; Indirect Vs. Direct Game; Techniques Vs. Lifestyle

  • Situational Game: Meeting & Attracting & Connecting to Women in Various Scenarios
    • Day Game
    • Night Game
    • Online Seduction
    • Phone Game
    • Strip Club Game - Attract & Date a Stripper
    • College & University Game
    • How to Seduce "Hired Guns": Waitresses, Bartenders, Store Clerks, Etc.
    • Groups Vs. "Lone Wolves"
    • Wingman Rules & Techniques

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