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Professor Dating how do I flirt with girls?

A lot of guys ask that. It's a simple answer but not simple to answer.
We could write about this all day long, but for a quick answer, check out the College of Dating article for something related, Not this Article.

College of Dating is a virtual classroom. As in not bricks & mortar. No chalkboards, no desks.

Learning about FLIRTING is mostly a self-directed education.

You do as much as you want as fast as you want.

You evaluate your own performance & progress. If you have a wing man, or are part of a Lair, they can provide independent feedback.

However, you are not alone in your quest to learn how to become a legendary pickup artist, how to marry an incredible, beautiful woman or have several girlfriends at once, who know about each other.


Professor Dating: You say there is help for ME?!?

Several resources are available to you:

  • College of Dating's BOOKSTORE & MEDIA CENTER lists several items from the best pickup artists in the world and top-notch researchers: hardcopy books you can purchase from Amazon.com, electronic books available for almost immediate download which you can begin reading in a matter of minutes, CD's & DVDs with video & audio of interviews, demonstrations, discussions, seminars etc. Topics covered range from your "INNER GAME", mindset & attitude towards life; to approaching women and the ensuing steps of a pickup; to "END GAME": last-minute rejection, specific sexual techniques and what to do after a successful pickup. You can even find video of actual, in-field approaches & pickups. Be sure to look around College of Dating's BOOKSTORE & MEDIA CENTER -- some resources are free.
  • College of Dating's EVENTS & NEWS section lists upcoming seminars, in-field boot camps, teleconferences & other seduction-industry & dating-industry events. Some of tele-seminars & occasionally live seminars are even free, but often have only limited space.
  • This CLASSES & TOPICS section of College of Dating will be expanded in the future with a structured list of topics that you can use as a guide for your self-directed learning, along with various resources to help you with a particular skill or mindset.



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